Thoughtful Thursday: Travel Tip!

As a mother of 2, traveling to Gramma and Granpa’s house for summer vacations and winter holidays can be LOADS of fun … but also severely distressing to our little ones. Taking them out of their own beds, on long car rides, and sleeping in new environments can bring about a lot of anxiety, understandably, to our children. Here’s a little tip that has decreased the difficulties of traveling tenfold …

When you have a trip planned, or even if you don’t (!), with or without the help of your child, select an air freshener scent that is widely available, such as vanilla or lavender. Either an essential oil to use, or a simple plug-in style air freshener is doable. Use in your child’s room/sleeping area on a regular basis, using the same scent time after time. This helps your child associate that specific smell to their safe place, their bed, their feeling of warmth and comfort. When you travel to Gramma’s house or go to Disneyworld (lucky ducks!), stop by your local store to pick up the same scented plug in and use in the area your child will be sleeping. The scent will trigger those feelings of safety and security already established at your home, and will make bed times and sleeping through the night much more peaceful!

Best of luck and safe travels to all of you who are heading out of your home for the winter holidays this year!

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