What I Love Wednesday: Eucalyptus Oil

As cold and flu season approaches us with flags waving, we mommas must have many hugs and snuggles ready, among other home remedies that we need up our sleeve. My daughter was born in October, so we had to suffer through an entire cold and flu season from the very beginning, with absolutely no medications available to help her get through those nasty noses and congested chests. Here’s how we survived … steam baths and eucalyptus oil. Every night during a winter time cold, we added a few drops of eucalyptus oil to her bath … this wonder oil opened her airways and allowed her to get some much needed rest, essential for recuperation and recovery. When the coughs got so bad they made mommy cry, there were many late night steam baths … running the shower on full hot water and allowing the steam to soothe her congested chest … again, a few drops of eucalyptus oil worked miracles for her. Finally, our doctor gave us the go ahead to add this oil to our humidifier so it was in her room throughout the night, as well as use a eucalyptus organic chest rub, similar to Vicks, which together with the other eucalyptus tricks, helped us survive many stuffy nights.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check with your doctor before using this oil, or any aromatherapy oil, as it is NOT for every child, especially those under 1 … it can trigger asthma attacks and other complications that you need to discuss with your health care professional FIRST!

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