Fall I

FALL I unit includes the following:

Arts and Crafts Materials:

cardstock, red buttons, wax paper, (green, red, yellow, brown, orange) tissue paper, apple die cuts, apple templates, letter templates, bear templates, letter b add-ons (band-aid, bean, bandana, beads), colored plastic counting bears with matching color cards, paper bag, squirrel die cuts, tree trunk die cuts with “acorns” (brown beads), sequencing squirrels and acorns, pinecones, brown pom-poms, chenille stems, wiggly eyes, paper plate

FALL I Sensory Tub:

We include a beginning set of these items in your package … feel free to add more of each, or items of your own choosing, into a sealable container with your choice of filling (suggestions include rice, beans, sand, etc) …

  • Sensory items include: Pinecones, cinnamon sticks, apple erasers, (brown, red, green) pom-poms, letters “a”, “b”, “l” and “s”, fur scraps, and silk leaves
  • Fine Motor Skill development tools include toddler tweezers and a wooden spoon
  • Recipes for playdough and colored rice for your sensory tub

Below are photographs of items that may be included in your Fall unit package. Please note that each unit and package is unique and will vary. These are images from the Fall 1 (September’s Outdoors) unit, and does not capture all items that are included in what you receive.

Here is an example of the busy book pages you will receive with each unit.  This is the one from the Fall I unit that includes apple, bears, leaves and squirrels.