Stories. Art. Songs. Snacks. just for YOU! Have some S.A.S.S.!

SASSY Parties are weekly events for 2-4 year olds designed to bring literacy and art together into an engaging and exciting hour for parents to share with their children! A Lightning Bug Representative will host the event, in their own home, in YOUR home, or at an off-site location such as a coffee shop, learning center or other site.

At each SASSY Party, a themed children’s book will be read aloud, followed by a song which includes between 1 and 4 American Sign Language words related to the song, book or season. During the song and story sessions, parents are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee while their children engage in the literacy activities. Following the song and story, parents will invite their children to build their snack with them, and then complete an art activity which will be taken home at the end of the hour! During the snack and art activities, parents will be engaged with their children, bonding over fun and food!

Currently we are hosting SASSY Parties in Grand Junction, CO and surrounding areas, as well as Broomfield, CO and surrounding areas.


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