Choose this program if . . .

In order to select the curriculum program that best fits you and your child, look below.  If you find a combination of traits from several lists, pick the one that has the majority of matches.  If you have a question on the best fit, please email Ariana or Valerie and we can help you make your choice.


Your child is:

▪       starting to hold writing utensils (probably still in fisted grip)

▪       making marks on paper with various tools

▪       sitting still for 5 minutes while being read to and is able to answer simple questions                                                   about the book (what color is. . , where is the  . .).

▪       turning the pages  of a book and pretends to ‘read’

▪       starting to play uninterrupted for 5-10 minutes with something of his choice and                                                      starting to understand about sharing

▪       enjoying music, songs and rhymes

▪       starting to put words together to make simple sentences

Exploration II

Your child is:

▪       starting to recognize some letters and environmental print (store and restaurant signs)

▪       using writing (usually scribbles) to tell stories or make lists –just like you

▪       able to pay more attention to storytime and has increase participation skills

▪       showing beginning problem solving skills and may enjoy simple puzzles beyond                                         matching.

▪       Initiating  songs and rhymes-may have favorites memorized.

▪       Using sentences with 3-5 words most of the time