Program Overview

Most people don’t realize that singing and reading nursery rhymes to your brand new baby is the start of their learning to read. It, in fact, lays a very sturdy and broad language foundation that insures later success.  You can never talk, sing, or read too much to a child.

Taking that studied knowledge and expanding it for you, the parent, is the focus of LightningBug Literacy’s curriculum.  Each stage uses a beloved children’s book and has a short, developmentally appropriate activity for you and your child to do together. These daily fifteen minutes ( or more-your choice) will give your child the experiences that will foster their love of learning for a lifetime.

We will help you to learn about the power of play. Your child will be lifting, dropping, pouring, collecting, hiding, building, matching, and more.  As he plays, he will be learning scientific concepts, such as what sinks and floats; mathematical concepts, including shapes in his environment; and literacy skills, such as gaining new vocabulary or viewing himself as a ‘reader’ or ‘writer’.  Play is the true work of childhood–it IS their job!

***Explore the differences between Explorations I and Explorations II ***

  • Vocabulary Development          vs.             Intermediate Alphabet
  • Sensory Exploration                   vs.             Intermediate Numbers and Counting
  • Motor Development                   vs.             Beginning Writing
  • Beginning Letters/Numbers     vs.             Independent Learning
  • Following Directions                 vs.              Cooperative/Dramatic Play