Why Lightning Bug Literacy Learning Modules?

Lightning Bug Literacy Learning Modules are designed by a team of educational professionals who have a passion for bringing quality education into your home. These modules are designed to fit into your lifestyle in a way that makes sense to you! Our focus is on establishing a love for learning within your child while creating a unique and unforgettable bonding time for you and your child. Learn more about why Lightning Bug Literacy is right for you!

What are your credentials?

The designers of the learning modules are former teachers in the world of early childhood education and elementary education. With over 30 years of combined experience working with children of all ages and a variety of training, including a Master’s of Science in Reading and Math (in progress), you can be rest assured you are getting the best! Additionally, we use the Colorado Building Blocks learning standards as a foundation for our program to ensure a high quality product that brings your child closer to success in their elementary years. Please read more about the Founding Team and contact us with any further questions!

Which program should I use with my child?

Both Explorations I and Explorations II have unique characteristics that set them apart for learners who are ready for specific learning targets. Our units are designed to be flexible for your child’s unique learning style and readiness level to make it fun and educational without boredom or frustration. Please alter any of the included activities to meet the needs of YOUR child! Discover the differences between Explorations I and II and decide which program is right for your family!

What materials are included?

We are so excited to answer this question! We include EVERYTHING you need to get started with your learning module right away! The only exceptions to this include “wet” ingredients such as glue, paint, etc. as we want to protect the learning module as it is shipped to you. Additionally, we do not include any food ingredients to protect your child should there be any allergies. Otherwise, when you receive your learning module, you will find all patterns, pattern pieces, and other learning tools you will need to be successful in teaching your child. Learn about the individual ingredients you will find in each of the Explorations I and Explorations II learning modules!

I have more than one child … what options do I have?

At this time, we are thrilled to customize a package for you. We offer a special to customers who purchase both Explorations I and Explorations II each month. Please contact us to learn more!

Do you run any specials or offer any discounts?

We will be offering a seasonal special at various points throughout the year. Additionally, we will be presenting our product at various events in Colorado where you might find a special discount when you visit our booth! Finally, we encourage you to share your (and our!) excitement about our learning modules with a Bug Bonanza, which offers you not only discounts on your subsequent purchase, but an additional gift as well!

Do you have an unanswered question? Please contact us and we will respond within 2 business days! We look forward to hearing from you!


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