Lightning Bug Literacy is an educational curriculum program designed for parents and their early learners.  Our program is a weekly thematic literacy based unit using topics which excite your child and that have real – life applications to their daily world. This makes their learning VALID and USABLE right away. Our program offers unlimited flexibility so that it fits into your lifestyle in a way that makes it fun for both parent and child. Every child is different in the way they learn, and in the rate that they learn. LightningBug Literacy provides a wide range of learning opportunities for children at all learning levels, with all learning styles. As we learn and grow with you in this journey of teaching the youngest learners, we would love to hear feedback from you and see photographs of your child’s learning! If there is a topic you would like to have used in a thematic unit, a question you might have about altering a learning opportunity to fit your child’s individual needs, or simply a comment you want to share, please email us at any time! We love to hear your feedback and share in your child’s learning celebrations!