Fall Frenzy

In our “Fall Frenzy” units, your child will explore all the wonderful changes happening in the world around him on a daily basis. We begin our “toddler school year” with our Fall Frenzy curriculum set, which introduces and sets a foundation for the rest of the year in the many essential developmental areas in this important year of your child’s life.


Outdoors Explorations : Apples, Squirrels, Leaves and Bears

From colorful falling leaves to crisp, delicious apples and onto scurrying squirrels, this unit is sure to leave your child filled with a delightful curiosity about the season of Autumn. Your child will go on nature walks to make his discoveries and use them in a variety of engaging yet focused activities created to stimulate his senses and build his imagination! (Focus letters: A,S,L,B)

* * * * *

Fall Fun: Owls, Pumpkins, X-Rays and Silly Monsters

Our fall fun continues, where your child will eat like an owl, create a foundation for learning and understanding emotions, and create a “pumpkin patch” of color. *Please note: our units are designed to create a safe place for kids to learn. We do not focus on any holidays, such as Halloween, but rather on topics that are available to parents and children. Our Silly Monsters unit is designed to teach kids to use their imagination to create magical monsters and to use their mind to scare the frightening beasts away. If you have any concerns about the content of this unit, please contact us with your questions or comments! (Focus Letters: O, M, X, P)

* * * * *

Harvest Season : Turkeys, Vegetables, Harvest and Farm

In this unit your child will gobble up those goodies! We will explore every aspect of the fall harvest, from scarecrows to caramel apples and everything in between! Your child will decorate turkey feathers with original and unique patterns, and learn the many reasons why those vegetables are so good for their little tummies.(Focus Letters T, V, H, F)


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