Friday’s Freebie: Gumdrop Wreath

Oh, no! You say? Not another gumdrop wreath! Yeah. That’s what I said, too. Until I made this discovery. Yep! This is one hundred-percent original, as far as I know! And it’s cheap!

I’ve been trying REALLY hard to do an Activity Advent with my little girl … if you’ve never heard of that, it’s simply having a planned Christmas-related activity for every day of December leading up to Christmas instead of a small gift or candy. I saw that idea and loved it, as I feel the gift of time is so much more valuable than any material possession.

SO … I was on day 3 yesterday (it doesn’t add up, does it? Yep. That was Dec 8. I’m a slacker!) and started to do a gumdrop wreath with my girl. You know … the kind where you glue gumdrops all over it. It’s cute. We were going to send it to daddy’s office. But. We decided that he’d probably eat them, even if they had glue all over! HA! I would, too.

So, anyway … we started working on it, and realized that neither my daughter nor I had the patience to glue a bazillion gumdrops all over that wreath. Instead? We made a color match game!

We used colored toothpicks and stuck them into our $1 Dollar Tree wreath frame. D LOVED this! “Poke, poke, poke!” LOVED IT! Then, I simply asked to her to find a red, green, etc gumdrop from the bowl … she had a blast sorting them out and then poking them onto the skewers. When the wreath was done, she started putting more of each color on the toothpicks. For an extension, this would be great for making patterns!

It was so simple, yet, so so fun! We giggled about the smooshiness of the gumdrops … and what a ball to watch her realize that the “toys” she was playing with was actually candy! HA! But then it wasn’t so funny trying to get them away from her …

Take a peek!

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