What I Love Wednesday: Magic Wands!

Childhood is MAGICAL! Everything about these wonderful early years always seems to have a little bit of mystery and magic for these little ones … their little imaginations go one hundred miles an hour … they’re always surprising you with what they have come up with next!

When you put a “Magic Wand” into the hands of your wee one, it becomes even more so. What are these so-called “magic wands”? Well … really? They’re pointers … themed wands that they point at things with. But to kiddos? They simply bring the nonliving to life!

What are they good for? Everything! From “Abracadabra” to “za-za-za-zoom”! If you simply print/write out words on index cards or sticky labels and place it on it’s “item” … anything from your cabinets to your front door … then hand your kiddo his magic wand and stand back! Your child will be pointing and “reading” everything in sight!

Why is this good? What is so “magical” about these? Your child KNOWS how to say these words (maybe!) … toilet, door, sink, etc. But when you put a written word associated with it, it serves several purposes. First of all … it helps your child associate a written word with an object- reading is a very abstract process … many words which children read they’ve never been able to touch, feel, see, etc. in person. But when they begin touching objects as they “read” them, reading becomes much more “valid”.

Secondly … it gives your child confidence! When they point to a word that they know how to say, such as “door” … and believe they are “reading” it … then in their minds, they are! And when you feel like you are good at something, anything, … then you want to do it more and more and more! Of course, the more you practice, the better you get … and the circle continues! Such a simple act has the possibility of producing magnificent results!

Thirdly, and most important … when you tell your child that it is “magic” or whatever other word you choose to use, they believe you … and then it really DOES become magical! A whole new world opens up for them and they are set free to explore it! AMAZING!

Would YOU like a magic wand for your child? You have 2 options …

1 … WIN ONE! Leave a comment on our facebook page, on this blog, or suggest us to your friends on facebook and win an entry – as many as you would like!


2… head on over to our Etsy store and pick one up! We have ladybugs, bumblebees, frogs, hearts and Santa Claus … and they keep coming! We have seasonal wands up our sleeve, as well as many other themed wands on their way.

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