Tasty Tuesday: Rise and Shine!

We have heard time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some of us roll our eyes, because, really? How many of us ACTUALLY remember or have time to eat breakfast? Not many. The advice is not only for adults … in the day and age of staggering rates of childhood obesity, as parents it is our responsibility to give our child the gift of good health. Not even 2 weeks ago I read that by 2050, ONE in THREE Americans will have Diabetes. Scary. Very, very scary.

Begin with good habits now. Be a role model for your little one, modeling for them what good eating habits look like, and then go for a walk! Or, how about this? Set your feet to dancing! Exercise does NOT have to be boring!!!!! Have a healthy breakfast with your tot, then turn on the tunes and get groovin’ for an early morning dance sesh. Awesome.

Okay … okay … let me get to the goodies! Adults are not the only one with these so called powerfoods we keep hearing about. The same applies to our little ones … I’ll get to the rest of them in time. The first one is by far my very favorite. BLUEBERRIES! YUM! Blueberries are PACKED with antioxidants, have been showed in lab studies to significantly boost brain activity, and can aid in the digestive process among many, many other benefits. These are just a few of those I’ve picked out that seem to stick out to me as a parent of a young child.

Blueberries are awesome … little ones LOVE to chase after them as they roll around, giggling as they try to get their pincher grip JUST right (same with peas)! And who can’t delight in the delicious “squish” they make as you pop them in your mouth? MMMMM!

Here’s a tip/”recipe” I received just the other day that I have recently put to use in my home and would love to pass it on …

Ready? You’ll smack yourself for not thinking of it sooner. I did!

Hot Oatmeal + Frozen Blueberries = high fiber, low calorie/low fat breakfast. Awesome.

Yes. I seriously believe my D dreams about her morning dose of breakfast oatmeal! It’s the first words out of her mouth … “meal, please,momma!” I’d rather hear, “Here’s your coffee, mom!” but that’s not the case. Yet.

So … here’s how it works. Make a steaming bowl of yummy oatmeal deliciousness (watch out for added sugar in quick and easy oatmeal! You’re better off making your own). As your child impatiently waits for the steam to stop rising, here’s an idea … throw a handful of frozen blueberries in your oatmeal. Tadah! YES!
The heat from the oatmeal defrosts the blueberries, and the cold from the frozen blueberries cools the oatmeal. Whodathunkit?!! Awesome combination, plus what a healthy breakfast … why not pair it with a big glass of milk and a banana?

My final thought … after months of my own personal research, I believe these scientists are on to something. Breakfast has become my most important meal of the day, simply because starting my day off sitting at a table or on the couch with my girl makes just about any day start off wonderful. How about yours?

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