Friday’s Freebie: My Little Christmas Tree

If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE playdough!

Hello. My name is Ariana. And I love play dough. Green playdough, blue play dough, scented playdough, edible playdough. LOVE IT!

And I want to share it with YOU!!!! Last week D and I made a big ol’ batch of green playdough as we were learning about the color green … and of course, we can’t just leave it as playdough! SOOOOO…

We made a Christmas Tree!

After several days of battling with little D over whether or not the ornaments on the real tree are actually bouncy balls or not, we decided to give her her own tree! First we smooshed the green playdough inside a party hat to form a cone shape.

The we dumped it onto a paper plate and ripped the cone off, as to not disturb the perfect cone.

Finally, we decorated it with red beads and white “ornaments” (buttons are so versatile!)


Little D hasn’t touched our tree since! WALLAH!

Would you like a pint-size tree set? It comes with playdough, beads and buttons! All you have to do is refer a friend to our facebook (or yourself!) OR leave a comment below! We will draw a winner on Wednesday!

And the rest of you? These sets will be available from our Lightning Bug Store on Sunday for only $5!

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