Thoughtful Thursday: Not Just a Mom

There are so many mornings I struggle to wake up at the wee hours that my little one is bright eyed and bushy bottomed (is that right?) … and think to how different this is from 5 years ago when I was teaching elementary school. The alarm clock used to wake me at 4:30 am and i would hop out of bed, excited to journey through another day with 30 7 year olds. Now, I can barely see straight until about 15 minutes after I see the bottom of my coffee cup, and I wonder how I got here, to this place where it seems that I do so much but feel like so little gets done.

This passage, Not Just a Mom, was shared at a MOPS meeting today and it was a wonderful reminder of how important our jobs truly are, whether you are a mom or a dad. My friend, Crystal, so eloquently reminded us, that though we may feel like we are “just” a mom, to our children, we are their whole world, their everything … their teacher, friend, mentor, personal chef, chauffeur, personal assistant, event planner, emergency medical technician and so much more.

The other day on Facebook (gotta love it), I posted that I sometimes put “eat lunch” or “brush teeth” on my to-do list, simply so I could cross something off, especially on those days when I feel like I’ve swept and mopped applesauce off the floor for the twentieth time. At least I have something to show my husband when he comes home to say “What did you DO all day?” … well, not much, really, in the grand scheme of things, but at least what I DID do made a difference to the one person in the world who matters the most!

When you have those days when you feel like you are “just a mom”, please remember that you are not “just” a mom… you are THE mom … and I hope you had “THE mom” that I had so that you know what an awesome responsibility and gift that truly is to the wee ones that wake you up so early in the morning!

Thanks, Crystal and Connie, for touching my heart today!

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