Thank You!

We would like to thank all of you who made our first craft fairs a great success! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello … it was wonderful to meet so many new faces and share our passion for early childhood literacy with so many of you! Some of the highlights from this weekend included a wonderful young man who made york peppermint patties from our chocolate and peppermint scented playdough (yum!), sharing learning/teaching strategies with many parents of youngsters and the many educators of different varieties who stopped by to offer their support!

What’s in store for this week?! I’m so excited to share! ….

First and foremost … check in Monday morning to find out who our winner is from the prize drawing this weekend!

Because we had so much interest in our scented playdough this weekend, our focus topic this week will be all about scents … why they are important, how they play a role, how you can bring it into your home on a daily basis in practical ways, recipes for deliciously scented playdough, and in honor of Thanksgiving, a scented turkey craft for Friday’s Freebie!!!

Last of all …

Are you ready for this ??? ….

Get excited!!!

We have a BIG announcement coming on Friday!!!! We can’t wait to share our next steps with all of YOU! You are in for a BIG TREAT!!!! Check in daily and find a clue just for you, until we announce our big surprise!

Have a BEAUTIFUL week !!!

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