What I Love Wednesday: Sensory Bottles

As long as we’re on the topic of sensory activities for kids …

Let me tell you about sensory bottles! I LOVE sensory bottles! Not only do I LOVE them for my own children, I loved them when I taught elementary school. These super simple projects can occupy your child for quite some time, especially if you make several different types and rotate them through. What I love the most about them, is that the kiddos sit and stare at all the different “events” going on in the bottle and you can just see the wheels turning in their little brains and the answers their coming up with on their own. Not only does it make them think on a higher level, referring back to previous background knowledge already built in, it also builds their imagination … what exactly could be happening in that ocean bottle? Mermaids? Talking fish? The possibilities are endless…

The sensory bottle I have pictured is actually an eye spy bottle designed around my daughter’s favorite author, Eric Carle. It’s a Brown Bear, Brown Bear bottle, with all the characters from the book inside, along with letter beads which spell her name, so she can find all of those, too! I filled it with rice, sealed it shut with hot glue, and “tadah!” a fabulous attention grabber while I sit on the phone, most likely on hold with somebody!

Here are a few ideas for sensory bottles …

Ocean Bottle : Fill a bottle halfway with water, half way with vegetable or mineral oil. Add blue food coloring, and if you wish, small shells or plastic fish. As your child (or you!) move the bottle from side to side, it will create small waves for you to study!

Glimmer Glamour! : Fill a bottle about 3/4 full with hair gel. Add items such as glitter, sequins, and metal confetti such as stars or snowflakes. Seal the bottle. The ingredients will move slowly through the resistant hair gel to create magic for your child!

Creepy Crawly Bottle: Fill a bottle with about 1/3 C clear corn syrup. Add red and yellow food coloring. Add to the bottle your favorite creepy crawlies or ooey-gooeys, such as rubber worms, snakes, bugs or other stuff that might make (me) someone cringe! Seal the bottle tightly. This one’s best for boys or girls who don’t wear pink 🙂

You can always add an element of excitement by adding your child’s name with letter beads. It’s great to watch them find the letters of their name in order and their excitement when they’ve accomplished their goal!

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