Explore !!!

Explore the differences between Explorations I and Explorations II !

Explorations I  vs Explorations II

  • Vocabulary Development            vs.        Intermediate Alphabet
  • Sensory Exploration                    vs.        Intermediate Numbers and Counting
  • Motor Development                    vs.        Beginning Writing
  • Beginning Letters/Numbers       vs.       Independent Learning
  • Following Directions                    vs.        Cooperative/Dramatic Play

At Lightning Bug Literacy, our goal is NOT to provide a “quick” entrance into reading … because there is no such thing! The art of reading is a process that is learned throughout many years, each skill building onto those learned in previous years. As adults, we are still learning tricks of the trade to make reading more efficient and meaningful in our lives.

So what IS our goal? We desire to see parents and children interacting in an educational setting with quality learning activities. We want to provide you with a series of tools which will lay a solid foundation for your child before she enters elementary school. We want learning to be FUN for both parents and child, to create a positive mentality about learning in the home, as that is a child’s first classroom, and you are your child’s first teacher.

Please understand, we are not guaranteeing your child will be able to read by age 3, or even 4 … true reading occurs when your child can decode tricky words and understand their relevance in the text and in their own lives. This comes with time, as many books contain content your three year old simply cannot relate to or wrap their brain around.

Our goal is to teach you how to teach your child … how to set reasonable expectations for a variety of developmental stages, understand the sequence of building blocks your child needs to attain true success at every stage. What we, together, do now will make a difference throughout your child’s educational lifespan.

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