Thoughtful Thursday

In 3 weeks my daughter turns two years old! TWO! It’s been a wonderful two years, full of many adventures and surprises along the way. More than that, it has been a constant learning process. My son is 6 weeks old and I am not naive enough to think that I have learned it all … I know he’ll throw his share of curve balls at me, himself. However, I have been very hard on myself lately with thoughts such as “Why doesn’t my child listen?” “What am I doing wrong?” “Why can’t I get this parenting thing right?”

Have you ever been somewhere and realized that you were meant to be there, at that exact moment, to hear/see/do/etc. one specific thing? Maybe that just happens to me. But today was one of those days. As we were gathering our belongings, a gal stood up in the back of the room and offered this insight …

“You are ALWAYS a first time mom. Always. I (speaking of her specifically) am a first time mom of a 3.5 year old. Pretty soon I’ll be a first time mom of a kindergartner. My mom is a first time mom of a mom. We are ALWAYS first time moms. Every day is a new first for us, every day is a new day for us to make mistakes, and that’s okay. Give yourself grace. You’re a first time mom. ”

If you are reading this, most likely, you have a toddler or preschooler and may not have considered yourself to still be a first time mom. Well, you are! Chances are you struggle with disciplining, teaching, scheduling, staying positive, or a variety of other topics we moms (and dads) battle with. Chances are you feel you’ve made at least one mistake in the past 24 hours in regards to parenting. Good for you! You may have already reached this conclusion, but for me it was an “aha… I’ll be okay” moment. Though I may have “known” it before, today was the day it really became clear that not only is it okay to make mistakes, but in reality it’s a wonderful thing. Because it teaches our kids that they can make mistakes, and that it’s okay, too. They and we can learn from them, apologize to the people we’ve hurt, and work towards being a better mom, person, child, etc. Learning is definitely not centered around a planned activity, but rather moments that make connections in the life of your child.

So there ya go, Thoughtful Thursday … we are all first time moms (and dads)… make mistakes, and give yourself grace … and show your child just how wonderful it is that we don’t have to be perfect!


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