Explorations in Action … September’s Outdoors

I (Ariana) am the proud mother of 21 month old Danika and am thrilled to share with you photos of some activities from the Fall 1 (September’s Outdoors) unit that I have completed with my own toddler. This unit was designed to introduce the letter “A” and to teach her apples … though she already could identify an apple, using a familiar object has allowed her to explore other concepts, such as colors and patterning, without having to focus on what the core subject (apples) was.

These photos are from the color patterning activity. Danika is not yet ready to create or extend patterns on her own, but it was a great activity to reinforce following directions, as well as color discrimination for red, yellow, and green. She was able to follow directions such as “glue the red apple next to the yellow apple”, or “pick up a green apple”. Once we hung her pattern up, she is loving pointing to each color and telling me what each apple color is. Displaying a child’s work and returning to it often to talk about it and reviewing the learning points is essential to mastering the concepts intended for each project.

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